Bridal Party Pampering

Prepare for your Special Day 

Look and feel your best on your Wedding Day and Honeymoon. You deserve a day of relaxation and pampering. Treat yourself or bring the Bradal Party for Skin Treatments, Body Wraps, Reiki and more. And don't forger the Groom. Treat your special Mister to a Men's Cleanse.  

Facials / Reiki

European Facials cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Reiki is an Energy Healing that reduces stress and invigorates the soul. You will feel relaxed and empowered after Facial or Reiki session. 

Enjoy 60 mins for $99 

or 90 mins for $149

Pamper Party

Bring the gals together for a unique spa experience. Guests will receive a 30min session Facial, Hydrating Body Wrap or Reiki Session. 

Create special memories while being pampered. 

Party members pays $35 per session (regularly $50 each) 

Please arrange for 4-8 Guests 

Deposit required

Men's Cleanse

Your special Mister will receive a relaxing deep cleanse and hydrating mask. And he will finish with a Beard Conditioning Treatment.

30 mins for $45